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give nature a seat at the table
Dani Matthews30/08/2023 12:30:37 PM3 min read

give nature a seat at the table

It has been encouraging in the last few months to see some real momentum in the nature preservation and biodiversity arena.  Perhaps it's time to let nature lead by understanding the importance of biodiversity and its role in decision-making. In this blog I will explore this topic a little further.

Members of the European parliament backed a nature restoration law to place recovery measures on 20% of the EU’s land and sea by 2030.

Closer to home here in Australia there was a “Biodiversity and Nature: What Can Boards Do?" session at the recent Australian Institute of Company Director’s Climate Governance Summit to help drive positive action.  

In our Abundium Leapfrog call this month we were joined by Mathew Nelson, EY Oceania's Chief Sustainability Officer who shared he’s seeing a greater focus on biodiversity and nature. He challenged leaders on the call to add the topic to their leadership team meeting agenda including exploring what kind of nature-based assets / inputs / and risks do we have?  Mat also shared that this crucial focus is never going to stop, that if is here to stay and let's keep focused on the opportunity and gather the data, report and then utilise it to make decisions. He reminded us that it’s important for sustainability practitioners / leaders to have a fraternity. 

Community plays a vital role in making this journey rewarding and to not feel you're alone in your mission. I was thrilled to meet some Climate Warrior friends in 3D at the AICD Climate Governance Forum after months of virtual calls through the covid pandemic.  

nature's seat in decision-making 

Faith in Nature are pioneering a rights-based approach to environmental stewardship by making "nature" a company director with legal rights. This innovative move aims to ensure that environmental concerns are integral to corporate decision-making, setting a precedent that challenges traditional business practices and could potentially transform the relationship between business and the natural world.

Here at Abundium we have a five P strategy (purpose, potential, play, profit and planet) where PLANET is equally considered in our business operations and informing our culture internally, as well as, in our Abundium Community.

Imagine if all boards and leadership team’s gave nature a seat when making decisions.  

The United Nations shared that Biodiversity is our strongest natural defence against climate change, that is “the variety of life on Earth, in all its forms, from genes and bacteria to entire ecosystems such as forests or coral reefs.”  

Many charities are giving nature a seat at the table, including the great work the WWF are leading to help protect biodiversity. They are on a mission here in Australia to gather commitments from leaders including: 

  • Protecting 30% of Australia’s and the world’s land and 30% of Australia’s and the world’s oceans by 2030
  • Increasing investment in Indigenous Protected Areas
  • Zero human-induced wildlife extinctions from now on


recharge to take action

To help us restore nature and protect biodiversity we must also not burn out, regenerate and restore ourselves. Paul Polman reminded us of the importance to “Recharge and get ready!”, urging us all to take a proper break to recharge. We need to live sustainability to help lead the charge for a sustainable world.  

what’s on the horizon? 

We’re excited to have been connected with Seb, the CEO of natcap HQ’d in the UK, a nature intelligence company spun out of Oxford University who is going to join us for a live Leapfrog call in October to discuss the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD).  

natcap are a team of scientists and software engineers who provide corporates and financial institutions data on the nature related impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities of their agricultural portfolios and supply chains. This data is then used to meet external mandatory and voluntary reporting requirements, embed nature risk into pricing and supply chain management decisions, and credibly set and realise nature positive targets. 

We’ll share more after that connect and encourage us all to #bethechange, #thinkbig and #actnow 

quick links

I mentioned a number of articles and resources in this blog, here's a quick link list of them all.

Dani Matthews

Dani Matthews, Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer at Abundium, leads our impact initiatives with and for our multinational and not-for-profit community to tenfold leadership impact for an abundant world. Driven, compassionate and socially minded, Dani is on a mission to ‘be the change’ and help inspire positive impact including the transition to net zero in this critical decade of action. She recently completed a Cambridge University Business and Climate Change: Towards Net Zero Emissions short course and leads a cross-industry ‘Climate Warriors’ community amongst many other initiatives. Dani was recently honoured as an Adjunct Associate Professor (Industry) @ UTS Business School and is excited for our "Leading Strategic Action on Climate and Sustainability" Short Course collaboration.