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Masterclass: Nine Lies About the World of Work
7 December 2022

Ashley Goodall, leadership expert and best selling author

Part 1 - Masterclass Max: Inclusion Revolution with Matthew Syed
4 November 2022

Matthew Syed, award-winning British journalist, author, broadcaster and former Olympian

Part 2 - Masterclass Max: Deep Dive with Stephanie Zuniga-Maher
4 November 2022

Stephanie Zuniga-Maher, Diversity and Inclusion Talent Partner at Canva

Dialogue: Shifting to a Regenerative Economy
28 October 2022

Westpac’s Business Bank’s Chief Economist, Besa Deda, 'Regenerating Australia' film Director Damon Gameau, WWF’s Dermot O'Gorman, and Unilever’s Brooke Sprott

Masterclass: Speaking Truth To Power
12 October 2022

Megan Reitz, Professor of Leadership and Dialogue at Ashridge Executive Educatio

HR Special: Michael Bunting

11 October 2022

The Key to Performance, Well-Being and Engagement is Vertical Growth

Dialogue: Australia's Chief Scientist Dr Cathy Foley
12 Sept 2022

Joined by Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Cathy Foley, for a robust discussion on engagement with the Scientific Community.

Masterclass: Empathetic Leadership & The Five Chairs
6 September 2022

Louise Evans, author of 5 CHAIRS 5 CHOICES: Own your behaviours, master your communication, determine your success.

Peter Fuda Special - Part 1
17 Aug 2022

Welcome and why everyone can be a leader.

Peter Fuda Special - Part 2
17 Aug 2022

Overcoming fear and finding your purpose

Peter Fuda Special - Part 3
17 Aug 2022

Flipping frustration, anxiety and unhelpful assumptions

Peter Fuda Special - Part 4
17 Aug 2022

Peter Fuda answers your questions

Masterclass: How to Become a Talent Magnet & Multiplier
9 Aug 2022

Lize Wiseman, New York Times bestseller, Multipliers and Impact Players

HR Team Special: Exponential Leadership - how can HR 10x its impact
26 July 2022

Emilie Sydney Smith, the global CEO of ExO Works and co-CEO of Singularity University in Australia Christina Gerakiteys

Masterclass: Reinventing Work for Creativity and Innovation
19 Jul 2022

Dr Amantha Imber, founder of behavioural science consultancy Inventium

Dialogue: Future Proofing Your Multinational
21 June 2022

Deanne Stewart, CEO of Aware Super Carl Rhodes, Dean at UTS Business School, Kate Burleigh Country Manager for Amazon Alexa Australia / New Zealand, Stuart Irvine, CEO at Lion

Masterclass: Creating Invincible Companies
9 Jun 2022

Alex Osterwalder, globally recognised as the creator of the business model canvas

HR Pod: The Future of HR in Multinationals
2 June 2022

Christian Campanella, Head of HR, Communications and Sustainability across America, Spain, Australia and New Zealand

Masterclass: Finding Your Flow
10 May 2022

Steven Kotler, best selling author and researcher of super humans.

Special: Inflation for Pricing

3 May 2022

Chris Petzoldt, the global partner and local managing director of pricing strategist firm Simon-Kucher

HR Team Pod: HR Time is Now
3 May 2022

Three of Australia’s leading multinational HR Directors at a special online event exclusively for multinational HR teams

Dialogue: Election Special
27 April 2022

Incorrect Andrew Humpherson, CEO and Managing Director of conservative focussed Government Relations firm Barton Deakin; Peter Lewis, Director of left leaning Communications and Research firm Essential Media; Jennifer Hewett, National Affairs columnist for the AFR

Masterclass with Jennifer Garvey Berger
12 April 2022

Jennifer Garvey Berger, CEO of Cultivating Leadership

Masterclass with Jennifer Moss
9 March 2022

Jennifer Moss, best selling author of 'The Burnout Pandemic'

Dialogue: The Role of Global Business in Rebooting Australia's Productivity
23 February 2022

Michael Brennan the Australia’s Productivity Commissioner; Su-Lin Ong the RBC chief economist

Masterclass with Salim Ismail
10 February 2022

Salim Ismail

Masterclass with Jim Kouzes
28 January 2022

Jim Kouzes, Fellow of the Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University

Masterclass with Whitney Johnson
15 Dec 2021

Whitney Johnson

Dialogue with Oliver Bongardt
9 Dec 2021

Oliver Bongardt on Disrupting Australia

Masterclass with Prof. Rita McGrath
23 Nov 2021

Prof. Rita McGrath

CMO Pod with Impact Institute
10 Nov 2021

Mark Jones and David Jack, Co-CEOs from the Impact Institute


Dialogue: Disrupting the Gender Divide in Multinationals
28 Oct 2021

Dialogue with Pip Marlow & Elizabeth

Masterclass with Dr Jim Loehr

20 Oct 2021

Dr Jim Loehr is a world-renowned performance psychologist, and author of 17 books including The Power of Full Engagement and Leading with Character

EA Flash Pod
7 Oct 2021

EA Flash Pod

Taronga Zoo Encounter

30 Sept 2021

Taronga Zoo Encounter

Masterclass with Roger Martin
15 Sept 2021

Roger Martin, co-author of Playing to Win

Spark & Sustain Part 1
7 Sept 2021

Special with Dr. Peter Fuda. This part explores why sparking and sustaining transformation has never been more important.

Spark & Sustain Part 2
7 Sept 2021

Special with Dr. Peter Fuda.This part explores how Dr Peter Fuda keeps himself motivated and hopeful, and do the same for his people.

Spark & Sustain Part 3
7 Sept 2021

Special with Dr. Peter Fuda.

Spark & Sustain Part 4
7 Sept 2021

Special with Dr. Peter Fuda.

CXO Pod Scalable Ways to Build a WeCARE Culture
3 Sept 2021

Graeme Cowan, Board Director of R U OK?

Masterclass with Carolyn Taylor
18 Aug 2021

Carolyn Taylor, founder of culture transformation consultancy Walking the Talk


Innovative Leadership: From Turn Around to Take Off
11 Aug 2021

Dialogue with Giam Swiegers & Louise Adams

CEO Winter Celebration
29 Jul 2021

Special guests including 'Australia Champion Magician' Matt Hollywood

CEO Winter Celebration with Matt Hollywood

From Burnout to Your Best Self

26 Jul 2021

Dialogue Deep Dive with Dr Suzy Green

Masterclass with Carolyn Dewar
22 July 2021

Carolyn Dewar, founder of McKinsey’s CEO and board excellence work, and coach to many Fortune 100 CEOs

Social Impact and the Role of Business
18 Jun 2021

John Lydon, former Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company; Professor Bronwen Dalton, Director of the Masters of Not-for-Profit and Social Enterprise Program at the University of Technology; Stuart Irvine, CEO of Lion