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Rich Hirst1 min read

Introducing Abundium

Since we launched Tenfold Australia two years ago our community has grown rapidly from 10 founding members to almost 200 organisations (130 multinational brands and 65 not-for-profits) stretching well beyond Australia.

In addition to our members in Australia we have c-suite leaders joining our Masterclasses every month and watching our content on demand from New Delhi to New Zealand and beyond including Canada, USA, England, Europe and elsewhere.

To ensure we have an identity that is unique and relevant in all these markets we realised we were going to have to change our name. 

The new name was inspired by what we've heard our members saying about Tenfold being a place of positivity, energy, insight and connection. 'A local home for global leaders', said one member. It is also inspired by themes we've heard from our masterclass speakers about the future of work, business in the exponential era, and the shift to abundance economics.

Our new name abundium, was derived from the words abundance and ium.

As you know abundance relates to having all you need, plentifulness and prosperity for all. Ium denotes a precious resource like titanium, an element producing positive ions, a key ingredient to energy production like lithium. Ium also indicates a safe home or ecosystem such as an aquarium and terrarium.

Our massive transformative purpose (MTP) has evolved with our new name, bringing our past and future identities together, i.e. tenfolding leadership impact for an abundant world. 

Our primary focus is to help the local and regional leadership teams of global companies respond to the unique challenges and opportunities they face.

We will continue exploring ways we can ‘give forward’ to not only help multinationals succeed, but also the communities and countries in which they operate, e.g. providing access to not-for-profits nominated by multinationals to participate in the community.

Thanks to those helping build this community and partnering with us to tenfold leadership impact for an abundant world.


Rich Hirst

Rich’s personal purpose is to help people become their better selves and bring out the best in others. Trained in organisational psychology Rich has worked with over 100,000 leaders and 1,000 CEOs plus 100’s of the global experts to decode and coach exponential leadership mindframes and tactics to achieve new levels of performance, well-being and abundance for all. He is the cofounder and CEO of Abundium, a growth accelerator network for the local leaders of foreign owned companies and not for profits.