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The Scuba Gym Divers at Sydney Aquarium
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the scuba gym's historic splash

SEALIFE Sydney Aquarium has made history this week by welcoming a group of disabled individuals into its shark tank for the first time ever. The experience was made possible thanks to Abundium Impact member, The Scuba Gym, an organisation that provides Scuba Therapy to help people with disabilities to rehabilitate and exercise without gravity.

Last year, The Scuba Gym Founder Lyndi Leggett joined us for our two-year birthday celebration at Merlin’s SEALIFE Sydney aquarium, where she met Erika Page, the Merlin HR Director. Lyndi pitched the idea of bringing disabled individuals into the shark tank, and this week, it finally became a reality. 

The group of four divers included a person with autism, a person with an acquired brain injury, a person with multiple sclerosis, and a person with cerebral palsy. They were all excited to take the plunge into the tank with grey nurse sharks and other marine life. For many of them, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the underwater world up close. 

Lyndi described the day as a huge success, thanks to the support of the SEALIFE Sydney Aquarium and the bravery of the divers.  

“For me it was an insight into just how beautiful the human spirit is when you see their big smiles, feel their exhilaration and hear their absolute joy as they share their dive experience. It was life changing for them.” 

The Scuba Gym plans to continue working with the aquarium to provide more opportunities for disabled individuals to experience scuba diving and connect with marine life. Thank you to Beam Suntory who nominated The Scuba Gym to join the Abundium Impact community and made this connection possible.

“Thank you for your part – Abundium family, in making this dream a reality.” 

You can check out the SBS coverage here. 

The Scuba Gym team & Divers
The Scuba Gym underwater
The Scuba Gym team & Divers 2
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