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Dani Matthews3 min read

embracing abundant thinking for transformation

Since my last post, there has been an abundance of activity on our mission to help multinationals accelerate the transition to net zero. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you have a focus and you start to build a community of people on the same mission. 

Highlights from the last month 

We had a Leapfrog community conversation with Tim Hodgson, CEO of My Net Zero who are on a mission to empower your company’s people to accelerate the world’s path to net zero through setting their own personal pledges like Tim has.  

I joined a boat fundraiser for 1 Million Women who are on a mission to help electrify Australia through their ‘I’m Ready’ campaign.  

Mel Edwards, our Abundium friend and UTS Business School Partner, shared a sentiment for abundant thinking at Salterbaxter's Publicis Groupe  breakfast, "It's our responsibility to be more ambitious and set ambitions within scientifically valid positive pursuits". 

We hosted an energy transformation Dialogue where we discussed the need for energy transformation rather than just a transition, the importance of coordination in that energy transformation process, and the potential for Australia to become a renewable energy superpower.   

I joined a fascinating community conversation on ‘Generative AI’ which piqued my hope that this rapidly developing technology can be used as a force for good to help drive momentum on the transition to Net Zero. 

My curiosity led me to ask Open AI’s Chat GPT the question of ‘What is the opportunity for abundant thinking with AI?’ And the AI responded with: 
“Abundant thinking is a mindset that focuses on abundance and possibilities, rather than scarcity and limitations. AI, or artificial intelligence, can provide many opportunities for abundant thinking….. 

AI can also help us to address some of the world's most pressing challenges, such as climate change, poverty, and inequality. By analyzing complex data sets and modeling different scenarios, AI can help us to make more informed decisions and take more effective actions towards a more sustainable and equitable future. 

Overall, the opportunity for abundant thinking with AI is vast and varied. By embracing this technology and leveraging its potential, we can unlock new possibilities and create a brighter and more abundant future for all.” 

Now that is pretty inspiring!  

Climate Warrior plus AI 

Following our Climate Warriors session, I then used the AI tool to help summarise:-  

“The Climate Warriors conversation revolved around the implementation of a national plastics recycling scheme in Australia, with a focus on soft plastics and the establishment of an advanced recycling industry. The scheme aims to create a circular economy by chemically recycling plastics back to their crude form, which can then be used to produce recycled materials for soft plastic packaging. The conversation highlights the need for increased recycling capacity and the challenges faced by retailers in managing the stockpile of soft plastics. The discussion also touches on the importance of addressing climate change through advocacy, performance conversations, and supporting First Nations in climate solutions.” 

A bit robotic but a good time saver! Have you tried your new personal assistant? It’s certainly going to make us all think deeply about sensitive data, authentic Without sharing any sensitive data of course! 
Let’s keep challenging ourselves to drive bold action! As Sharryn Napier, Regional Vice President APAC at GitHub Sharryn Napier shared at our recent Emerging Leaders Summit - “You can achieve absolutely anything you really set your mind to, you just have to want it enough.” 
Finishing with a collection of links shared from the Climate Warriors that may be of interest to check out:  


Dani Matthews

Dani Matthews, Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer at Abundium, leads our impact initiatives with and for our multinational and not-for-profit community to tenfold leadership impact for an abundant world. Driven, compassionate and socially minded, Dani is on a mission to ‘be the change’ and help inspire positive impact including the transition to net zero in this critical decade of action. She recently completed a Cambridge University Business and Climate Change: Towards Net Zero Emissions short course and leads a cross-industry ‘Climate Warriors’ community amongst many other initiatives. Dani was recently honoured as an Adjunct Associate Professor (Industry) @ UTS Business School and is excited for our "Leading Strategic Action on Climate and Sustainability" Short Course collaboration.